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Ultimate Pastebin IntelliJ Plugin

The best PasteBin IntelliJ Plugin

Ultimate PasteBin IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

The best and sexy PasteBin plugin for IntelliJ!

With this plugin you get:

Table of Contents


The ToolWindow

Context Menu on ToolWindow to make easy use it

Create Paste Window

Showing note contents in the editor


How to install

In IntelliJ go to Preferences -> Plugins -> Browse repositories -> Search for Ultimate PasteBin and install!

How to setup my PasteBin Account

In the UltimatePasteBin toolwindow, click in the Settings icon, near the Hearth donation icon or In IntelliJ go to Preferences -> Search for Ultimate PasteBin -> Fill your username and password and click on Get DevKey and copy the DevKey in the PasteBin site to the DevKey field on UltimatePasteBin settings dialog, then click Check Account Credentials, if everything is ok you'll receive a success message and you are ready to use!

How can i contribute?

Contributing with improviments

Fork the project, do your improviments, and send a pull request

Contributing with translation

You language isn't supported by the plugin? Help the community and translate it! It's pretty simple! Check out the information here Translation Contribution

Donation! Make developers happy! xD

To help and make the developer happy, consider a donation: Donate