Rates exchange for alfred

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Alfred Rates

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Rates exchange for alfred.

Convert between many currencies using the YQL (Yahoo! Query Language) to get the exchange rates in realtime for free.

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Convert from USD to EUR

Alt text

Convert from default configured currency (BRL in my case) to USD

Alt text

Autocomplete example

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Multiple queries example

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Converstion from one source to many destinations

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Math in the conversion:

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New Features

You can do math with the values now!


rate 100*1.03 USD EUR -> will do the math first and after get the rates!

You can do the basic math operations:

  • Divide
  • Multiply
  • Sum
  • Substract

You can see a conversion for many currencies!


rate 100 usd gbp cad inr

Alt text

You can do many queries separing them with ";"


Alt text


rate <VAL> <CUR SRC> <CUR DST> -> Convert the value from the currency to the currency . Example: rate 100 BRL USD

rate <VAL> <CUR DST> -> Convert the value to the default currency setted with ratesetcurrency comand.

rate <CUR SRC> <VAL> -> Convert the value from the currency to the default currency setted with ratesetcurrency command.

rate <CUR DST> -> Convert the default currency to the <CUR DST>, just to show the rates.

rate <VAL> <CUR SRC> <CUR DST1> <CUR DST2> <CUR DST3> <CUR DSTn...>, Convert the value from the currency to all the

rate <VAL> <CUR SRC> <CUR DST>; <VAL> <CUR SRC> <CUR DST>;, use the ";" to separate queries, you can run as many as you can and using any way, not just the <VAL> <CUR SRC> <CUR DST>

ratesetcurrency -> Set the default currency, for use with the comands rate <VAL> <CUR DST> and rate <CUR SRC> <VAL>

rateclear -> Clears all the cached data, used when there is a new version for removing olds caches.


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